Collaboration, Integration and Experimentation between art forms as puppetry, dance, music and visual arts is an essential part of our work.

An Ice Thing To Say

In an Icy land of ruins, a human being and a polar bear are meeting in an encounter of surviving the Anthropocene 


“An Ice Thing to Say” blends Ice installation, puppetry, music and physical theatre to explore our impact on nature. Drawing on inspiration from Erich Fromm's book 'To Have or to Be?' and Ecoscenography, we invite the audience into a multi sensory experience of our inner and outer icy landscapes. We attempt to challenge the idea that the human being is at the centre of the world and we attempt to construct an embodied inquire into 'what has gone wrong?'


Live Performance 2021:

Concept / Direction/ Scenography/ Light Design: Mayra Stergiou
Devised and Performed: Neyire Ashworth, Paraskevi Bakis, Mayra Stergiou

Live Musician: Neyire Ashworth

Co-Scenography/Costumes: Elisabeth Leau

Digital Version 2020:

Concept / Direction/ Scenography: Mayra Stergiou

Performers: Stella Evangelia, Mayra Stergiou, Piedad Albarracin Seiquer

Co-Scenography: Elisabeth Leau

Sound Designer: Gregory Emfietzis

Singing: Myrto Loulaki
Mask Maker: Stella Evangelia

Filming/ Editing: Theo Prodromidis

Production: Vertebra Theatre


Concept / Editing / Music/ Sound Design: Spyros Aronis


Winner of Best Experimental Film at Istanbul Film Awards (September 2021)

Winner of Best Experimental Film at City Stockholm Film Festival (October 2021)

Winner of Best Cinematography at Experimental Dance, Music and Film Festival, Toronto (2022)

Nominated for Best Experimental Film at Budapest Film Festival (2022)

Honorable Mention at Monthly Athens International Art Film Festival 



'Outstanding Show' Fringe Review


'Superbly executed' A Younger Theatre

Currently in Touring:

Cockpit Theatre, Talos Science Fiction Theatre FestivalGothenburg FF, Stockholm FF, Melbourne FF, Reykjavik FF

Dark Matter

People say your whole life flashes in front of your eyes before you die but what happens when you have dementia? Where does the brain go before we die? Alfi, an elder astrophysicist with dementia guides us into his universe, a world of star constellations. Dark matter theory and black holes merge in a race against the clock to distinguish fantasy from reality and discover meaning.


Puppeteers: Adam Courting, Daniel Finn, Doug Router, Aurora Adams, Alicia Britt, Jennie Rawling 

Performers: Piedad Albarracin Seiquer, Sofia Calmicova

Conceived / Written / Directed: Mayra Stergiou

Co - Writer: Eirini Dermitzaki 

Music Composer: Gregory Emfietzis

Puppet Maker: Kelly Frost

Dramaturg: Tilly Lunken

Set Design: Stella Evangelia, Mayra Stergiou

Past RnD Puppeteers/Performers/Devisors: Almudena Adalia Calvo, Daniel Moseley, Sussie Fairbrother, Cecile Dumont, Paula Siu, Outside Puppets Collective

Dementia Consultant: Prof. Sebastian Crutch

End of Life Consultant: Prof. bee Wee


★★★★★'Beautifully done' Fringe Review

★★★★ 'Beautiful visualisations' FringeGuru  

★★★★'Wonderful Production' LondonTheatre1

★★★★ 'Excellent production' Southside Advertiser

★★★★'The joy of this piece is the rarity of its exploration' The Upcoming

★★★★ Mesmerising' In CoventGarden 

★★Wonderfully Whimsical' The Guardian 

''Those eyes will stay with me for a long time.​''

The British Theatre Guide 
"Dark Matter harnesses everything puppetry has to offer"

A Younger Theatre

Supported by: Arts Council, Care UK, Jewish Care, Camden Council, Islington Council, UCL, Little Angel Theatre, Tristan Bates and The Actor's Centre, Voila Europe, Frilagret Theatre, Gothenburg Fringe, PPLG

At The Heart of Things

​At the heart of things’ is a dance theatre performance inspired by Oscar Wilde’s De Profundis. We use dance, puppetry, live music and devised text to create a contemporary adaptation of De Profundis diving in to female sexuality, queer identity and homophobia.


Directed/conceived: Mayra Stergiou

Performers: Piedad Albarracin Seiquer, Depi Gorgogiani, Jennie Rawling 

Composer/ Live Music: Gregory Emfietzis
Puppet Maker: Kelly Frost

Set Design: Loukia Minetou

Choreography Support: Adrian Look


''Truly enjoyable, sensitive piece of dance theatre'' 

London Live Post

"An innovative take on De profundis and an arresting exploration of female sexuality" A younger theatre'

Waltz of Lost Dreams

A greek immigrant describes at her mum her every day life in London. But the description is a bit different from the reality...a clown in Canary Wharf's financial empire tells a short story about the lost dreams of young generation in Greece of financial crisis.

Inspired by Manos Hatzidakis song 'the walz of lost dreams'

Official Selection at LGFF

Among the 10 best films at Onasis Cultural Centre


Director: Eirini Dermitzaki

Script: Mayra Stergiou, Eirini Dermitzaki
Acting: Dimitra Vanou, Mayra Stergiou