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Experimental artist-led Theatre 

Who We Are

Our Vision

Vertebra Theatre, founded in 2012 by the Artistic Director Mayra Stergiou, is an Award Winning Female and Queer led Ensemble of artists from diverse backgrounds and artistic disciplines with passion for creating contemporary Devised Physical and Visual Theatre deeply rooted in Experimentation.


With a taste of the Absurd, the Surreal and Visual Storytelling we seek to explore the interplay between the dynamics of life, imagination, myths and science creating original and socially informed embodied writing for stage and film.

Placing the live Body & Scenography in the core of our practice and research, we strive to create artistic work that is radical, relevant and fluid stretching the boundaries and constantly shifting, shaping and nagotiating spaces between Physical Theatre, Dance, Puppetry, Performance Art and the Visual Arts. 

Our Mission

​To promote contemporary Physical and Visual Theatre in the UK and abroad.


To co - create and co - produce devised performances for and with audiences across the spectrum of age, abilities, ethnicities and race creating artistic dialogues that break the barriers of language. 

To place research and collaboration between artistic forms at the heart of our practice and commit to work that is constantly moving, emotive and evolving.

To engage with and promote European Theatre Practices in the UK and abroad.


Vertebra also provides  physical theatre, puppetry and dance workshops to intergenerational groups and uses dramatherapy and performatory approaches to build communities. 

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IIn an Icy land of ruins, a human being and a polar bear are meeting in an encounter of surviving the Anthropocene.

“An Ice Thing to Say” blends Ice installation, music, and physical theatre to explore our impact on nature. Drawing on inspiration from Erich Fromm's book 'To Have or to Be?' and Ecoscenography, we invite the audience into a multi-sensory experience of our inner and outer icy landscapes. We attempt to challenge the idea that the human being is at the center of the world and we attempt to construct an embodied inquiry into 'what has gone wrong?'


Theatre for the Senses - The Gisborne Herald NZ

Dark Matter

Alongside our main artistic programme, Vertebra Theatre creates Participatory and Arts in Health Projects in UK and abroad.

Our projects are responsive to the needs of the communities we are engaging with. We bring devising theatre, puppetry, animation and intergenerational work to promote social inclusion and build well-being in health care, community, educational and prison settings. 

Community Engagement
Learning and Training 

It's a ceremony, a ritual -

you should go out of the theatre more human than when you went in. 

Ariane Mnouchkine

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