Mayra Stergiou CV



  • 2020 – 2023: PhD in Performance Practice, Guildhall School of Music and Drama

  • 2009 - 2011: Advanced Devised Theatre and Performance, London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA), (Lecoq based Physical theatre training)

  • 2007- 2009:  MA Dramatherapy, University of Derby, School of Health and Science

  • 2002 - 2007: BSc Educational and Social Policy, University of Macedonia, Economic and Social Sciences, Major in Special Education


2020:  Director / co- Scenographer, An Ice Thing to Say by Vertebra Theatre, Sheffield Theatre Deli, Cockpit Theatre

2015 - '19: Stage Director, Dark Matter by Vertebra Theatre, Little Angel Theatre, Tristan Bates Theatre and European Touring

2018: Stage Director, At The Heart of Things by Vertebra Theatre , Blue Elephant Theatre and Castillo Theatre (New York, USA)

2018: Assistant Director, Fine and Dandy by Sue Frummin, Directed by Jonathan Richardson, Arcola Theatre

2017: Guest Director, Sisyphus Distressing by Metapraxis Ensemble, Composed by Gregory Emfietzis

2016: Stage Director, Maggie by Richard Fitchett, 5 mins festival, Lost Theatre

Movement Direction:

2014: Birdphobia, Directed by Eirini Dermitzaki, The Space

2013: Hard Comedy Directed by Mahmoud El-Azzeh, Canal Cafe Theatre


Performance work:

2017: Performer, Luminous by Mem Morison, Spill Festival of Performance, Ipswich

2015: Puppeteer, Angeleta and Etelvina, Directed by Almudena Adalia Calvo, Little Angel Theatre, London

2014: Puppeteer, Flying Roast Goose Devised by Out of Chaos and Yellow Earth, Directed by Kumiko Mendl, Oval Theatre, London

2011: Performance Artist, Give by Leah Capaldi, David Roberts Art Foundation and Bermodsey Gallery, London


2017: Production Manager, Short Film Tutu and Pointes by Iria Pizania

2015: Producer / Curator, Nour Festival, Kensington and Chelsea Borough, Producing ‘Homeland’ in collaboration with Drayton Arms Theatre



2018: Visiting Lecturer

MA Dramatherapy, University of Roehampton, Neutral Mask workshop to MA dramatherapy students.                    

01/2012 to present: Freelance Dramatherapist                                                                                                   

Crisis UK, Age Uk, Claremont Project and other. 

2015 - 2018: Dramatherapist

Jewish Care

Developing creative and therapeutic programmes for elders with Alzheimer and dementia.

10/2013 - 12/2014: Recovery Day Centre Manager                                                                              

Hestia Housing and Support, RBKC Integrated Mental Health Service

Leading and development of Grove team to deliver meaningful activities, therapeutic group work and key work to service users with Mental Health.

2010: Assistant Dramatherapist

Introductory Level Course in Psychodramatic Bodywork, Belgrade, Serbia

2008 - 2009: Trainee Dramatherapist                                                  

TCC Camelot, HM Prison Dovegate

2008: Trainee Dramatherapist

'Project Wolf' Supervised by Dr Sue Jennings, Brasov, Romania

2007 - 2008: Trainee Dramatherapist                                                  

Rosehill School of Autism, Nottingham, UK

2005 - 2006: Research Assistant                                                                                         

University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Gr

Plan research project of Reading Media for Visually Impaired in collaboration with School'Helios'.



  • Mayra Stergiou, Applied Puppetry in Mental Health, Arts in Health Conference, Brunel University and CNWL 2019, Pratt Institute, New York 

  • Mayra Stergiou, Applied Puppetry: Engaging the Unspeakable, Broken Puppet Conference, Newham University, Birmingham, UK

  • Mayra Stergiou and Anastasios Gaitanidis, Wisdom versus Desire: Embodied poetics of death and dying, Canterbury Christ University, 2017

  • Maria Stergiou, Puppetry and Dramatherapy for recovery, Performing the World 2014, East Side Institute, New York.

  • Maria Stergiou ‘Embodied Dreams and the Neutral Mask in Dramatherapy': The 6th World Congress for Psychotherapy for ‘world dreaming' (WCP2011), Sydney, Australia, 24-28 August 2011 

  • Goudiras, D., Papadopoulos, K., Koutsoklenis, A., Papageorgiou, V. & Stergiou, M, Factors affecting the reading media used by visually impaired adults , British Journal of Visual Impairment May 2009 (27: 111-127).


2016: Grief, Wilderness and other tales, Animartists Psychology, Culture and Awareness Magazine

2015: Let's Play in Prison, Animartists Psychology, Culture and Awareness Magazine

2015: The Clown in Therapy and Life, Psychology, Culture and Awareness, Animartists Magazine


2021: Theatre and Trauma (working title), Invited Speaker, ResearchWorks, Guildhall School of Music and Drama

2021: Puppetry in Therapy and Performance: Engaging the Unspeakable in End of Life, Invited Speaker, CIRAPT,

University of Roehampton, Research Centre

2019: Neutral Mask and the Poetic Body, Organised by Annamuh, Budapest, Hungary

2019: Bunraku Puppetry, Frillagret Theatre, Nordic Touring, Gothenburg, Sweeden 

2018: Applied Puppetry, Performing the World Conference, New York, USA

2018: Intergenerational Puppetry and Embodied Imagination, Living Well Week, Arcola Theatre, London, UK

2017: Bunraku Puppetry, Claremont Project, London, UK

2017: Puppetry and Storytelling, Migration Matters Festival, Theatre Deli, Sheffield, UK

2016: Queer Identity and Physical Storytelling, co Facilitated with Angela Ciandro, The Flight Deck, Oakland, USA

2011: Introduction to Dramatherapy, co Facilitated with Elena Boukouvala, Thessaloniki, Greece



  • 2019, 2020: Physical Theatre training in Theodoros Terzopoulos Method, Theatre Attis

  • 2019: Dark Poetics and the Transcendent Performer led by David Glass, International Mime Festival              

  • 2018: Artist in Residency, Tholpavakoothoo Shadow Puppetry Institute, Kerala, India                  

  • 2015, 2016: Artist in Residency, Institute de la Marrionette, France

  • 2016: Large Scale Puppet Making, Little Angel Theatre

  • 2015: Bunraku Puppetry Training, Theatre Deli, Rachel Warr

  • 2014: Choreographic theatre and Voice, Pantheatre

  • 2014: Coordination Method with Song of the Goat, London

  • 2012: Neutral Mask and the Poetic Body with Norman Taylor

  • 2011: Voice in Tragedy and Chorus, Sofia Paschou, London, UK

  • 2008: 5 Rhythms, Manchester and London, UK

  • 2008: Psychodrama Workshops, John Casson, Machester, UK

  • 2008: Voice in Dramatherapy, Natan Eran, London, UK

  • 2008: Directing, Sergey Ostrenko, Malphis, Latvia.

  • 2008: Dance Movement Therapy (30h), Devon, UK

  • 2006: Voice Exploration, Martha Frigila, Music village, Pilio, Gr.

  • 2005 - 2006: Professional Training in Acting, Grotowski Physical Theatre, Technourgeio, Thessaloniki, Greece 

  • 2004 - 2006 Professional Training in Systemic Group Facilitation, EKA.PSY Institute, Greece 


Holistic Trainings:

2012: Reiki Level 3 Usui, Torus Wellbeing Clinic 

2008: Advanced Psychodramatic Body Work, Susan Aaron, Cornwal, UK



HCPC (Health Care Professions Council) Nr: AS15451

BPS (British Psychological Society) (MBPsS) Nr. 257954

SBTD (Society of British Theatre Designers)